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Joshua Seedman is focused on driving positive change FOR THE PEOPLE! As such, he will stop the socialist movement from destroying America and tirelessly work to keep the economy healthy, fix the national debt, stop complex regulation and taxes, transform healthcare, advance the values we as Georgians hold dear, and ensure the American Dream remains the birthright of every citizen! Simply, this campaign will get results for the people!

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Campaign Issues

Read about Joshua’s “For the People” campaign and the issues he’s prioritizing to advance the cause of the people of Georgia.

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can help by planting a seed for Seedman’s campaign, ensuring lasting benefits “for the people.”

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Campaign Focus

Learn why Joshua Seedman is deeply committed and focused to stopping socialism from destroying America.

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About Joshua

Learn about Joshua, including the business and leadership experience he intends to use in driving positive change for the people.

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Leadership Experience

Read about Joshua’s deep leadership experience and hear what global executives have to say about his leadership approach.

Campaign Issues

Leadership Experience

About Joshua


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